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Engineering for the Middle of Nowhere…



Using What's at Hand - Prism Magazine (2007)
NUR Rolls out Solar Lantern Project - New Times of Rwanda (2009)
Lighting Up The World - Manhattan Magazine (November 2009)
Wa Polytechnic Manufactures Solar Lamps - GhanaWeb (2010)
Business Week
CBS News
Voice of America
SociaLite - Architectural Lighting Magazine (2011)
Lighting the Way - The Economist (2012)
Innovations in Light - The New York Times (2012)
SociaLite Lighting the Way - Cooper Union (2012)
Lighting the Way to a Better World - Cooper Union (2013)


Working With .. Engineering for the Middle of Nowhere - TEDx (2011)
Malaysian Breakfast Show (2014)
Nyitavuta gets solar lamps following Joy News’ report - Joy News Ghana (2016)

Invited and Keynote Talks

IEEE Innovation Day - New York
iLight Marina Bay 2014 - Singapore (2014)
EILD - Medellin, Colombia (2014)
Waste - The New School, New York (2015)

Books and Papers

Lighting People's Cities (Chapter 8)

Public Relations

Lettie Burton - Lettie B Communications