SociaLite Lighting Systems Inc

Engineering for the Middle of Nowhere…

Could we use the same model for SociaLite?

"Eric Reynolds will tell you that he is on the verge of freeing much of humanity from the deadly scourge of the cooking fire. He can halt the toxic smoke wafting through African homes, protect what is left of the continent’s forest cover and help rescue the planet from the wrath of climate change.
He is happy to explain, at considerable length, how he will systematically achieve all this while constructing a business that can amass billions in profit from an unlikely group of customers: the poorest people on earth."

We don't want to make billions - just enough to fund a self-sustaining enterprise.

The Indian Women Lighting the Way for Change

"They are called "Solar Sahelis" or "solar friends", and their job is to convince their neighbours to invest in solar-powered solutions."

Templates ready for housing cut outs

Templates for housing manufacture - thanks Nick Wong, Kavya Udupa

What are we doing?

Kavya should have prototype molds for housing manufacture ready this week.

No Brainer?

The Energy of the Future is Solar Power
Why isn't this a no brainer!!!!

Getting Donations from Facebook

Got our first donations from Facebook - no deductions!!