SociaLite was created to address specifically the lighting needs of the extreme poor in remote, rural, off-grid communities where the average household income may be less than 25 cents/day. Effectively designed for the middle of nowhere, SociaLite is a self-sustaining community lighting service, affordable at real cost, durable, easily maintained and repaired.

The outcome is a robust, standalone product able to withstand the climate and the environment, and usage by those completely unfamiliar with modern technology. Incorporating locally sourced components where available, SociaLite was designed for manufacture, assembly and installation close to the point of use.

SociaLite operates at minimal cost, requires minimal technical knowledge and minimal access to a support infrastructure. Operated as a lighting service, each installation carries spare lanterns and parts. Should a user’s lantern fail for any reason, the lantern is either repaired immediately or replaced with a loaner while the user’s own lantern is repaired.


Imagine a self-sustaining light source designed for local assembly ...

20% of the World’s Population does not have access to a clean, affordable source of light.

That’s one thousand six

hundred million people


1.6 billion people

Designed for communities such as these near the Bandiagara escarpment in southern Mali.

Part of the central charging station in Nambeg, Northern Ghana